Posted by: Morgan | August 9, 2012

One more day!

I’m absolutely ecstatic about going back to being a full-time stay-at-home mom! Tomorrow is my last ‘official’ day at work, though I will probably come in for a few hours one or two days next week, and I cannot believe it’s finally here. I know that the three of us will go through some transition time while adjusting to me being the at-home parent, but I think we’ll settle into a good rhythm soon.

I’m excited about starting to focus on Emma’s artistic and creative interests, work on structure and concepts like ‘days of the week’ and ‘weather charts’, and start exploring the world of more ‘formal’ learning with her. I’m excited about being home with Logan all day, learning more about him, and helping him learn better how to communicate with others. I’m excited to finish unpacking our little home, even while at the same time going through everything and repacking to prepare for our move down to south Texas.

I still think Caleb and I needed these past 10 months, to give ourselves a break as well as learn to truly appreciate the place in life we’re in. He’s so happy to be working again and I know I’ll have a different view of cleaning, cooking, and caring for the family than I did before.

Just one more full work-day and the next phase has begun!


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