Posted by: Morgan | January 22, 2012

Happy Buddy

Today we all danced to Adele and ran around the living room. Today Logan climbed up onto the couch to attack Emma and I.  He laughed uproariously when I jumped and acted surprised.  He looked into our eyes, tried to make us laugh, and jumped back onto us to get us going all over again.

I never noticed before that these moments didn’t happen all the time, like they do with Emma.  It was just who my buddy was. He’s more quiet, calm, and chilled out.  And I was okay with that last week…so I’m okay with it this week too.  He hasn’t changed at all.  He’s still my happy little buddy.

Perhaps he will have more difficulty than our other children to communicate when he’s older.  Perhaps we’ll have to learn sign language or ways of helping him tell us what he’s thinking more clearly.  Perhaps he’ll always be quiet and more reserved.  That’s perfectly okay with me.  He can hear my voice, he knows I love him, and I know he loves me.  Maybe he doesn’t show it the same way Emma does, but how boring would that be anyway?  I love that my kids are so different from one another.

I wouldn’t have changed my buddy for a million dollars if you’d asked me a week ago.  I wouldn’t change my buddy for a trillion dollars if you asked me today.  He’s my happy buddy and I’m so happy to be his mama.



  1. Logan is so blessed to have you as his Mama! What an amazing family – I look forward to seeing Logan’s journey! With you and Caleb and Emma it will be quite the wonderful adventure!

  2. Awww! That’s so cute! I love you guys. See you soon?

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