Posted by: Morgan | January 19, 2012

My little buddy – Part 1

A lot of people have been catching snippets of what’s going on with Logan, but not the whole story, so instead of relating it all again via Facebook private message, I decided to write it all out in one place. 🙂  For better reference, Logan is currently 16 months old.

Logan has always been a very chilled out kid. He’s very low-maintenance, especially compared to his older sister, and pretty happy most of the time.  He’s calm, easy to entertain, goes to sleep on his own, and basically just goes with the flow.  He’s always been on the small side and a couple months behind his peers developmentally, but we really didn’t worry about either.  He is healthy and is hitting the milestones, just “late”.  He seems like such a quiet kid that nothing has ever stood out to us about him as abnormal.  We often say that he’s just in his own little world, does what he wants, and doesn’t worry much about what others are doing.

One of the most common times we say that he doesn’t care is when he’s in the church nursery.  Unless he’s looking directly at the door when I walk up, he never looks when I call for him.  We always laugh about him not caring at all, and then one of the nursery workers turns him physically toward me; he always gets up fast and runs for the door.  This past weekend one of the moms who works in the church nursery asked me if we’d ever had his hearing checked. We hadn’t; when he was born we didn’t have a pediatrician and by the time we got to his first appointment we didn’t think to have one done then.  I laughed it off, but it stuck with me.  I asked someone else at church and they laughed as well “Logan just doesn’t care. He can hear you just fine.”

But it stuck with me. Monday afternoon we were at the mall playplace and he wasn’t turning when we called.  I reminded Caleb of what had happened that weekend, so we did random snapping noises on either side of his head. He never turned, but it was busy, so we decided to do more “scientific” tests at home.  We put him in the kitchen and then I went to turn on a movie. We think he went in to it, but we weren’t sure.  So as he was watching the movie, Caleb went up behind him and clapped really really loud.  Logan didn’t even blink.

We tried clapping, calling his name, the wooden clapper toy, a tambourine.  He didn’t turn to look once.  He didn’t blink once.  Nothing to make us thing he heard a thing…and let me tell you, even if he wasn’t surprised, all of that noise had to be annoying. It was annoying me and it wasn’t right behind my head.

Since Monday we’ve been “testing” him by calling his name, playing music, starting his favorite movie without the screen on, making clapping noises, etc.  Sometimes it seems like he responds, but he tends to dart around a lot, so we never really can tell if he’s turning toward a sound or just turning because he happened to move that way right then.  Nothing is consistent.

We also noted that he has no language, not even grunts or sounds to indicate he’s trying to communicate. He only cries when something’s wrong or he wants something.

Someone mentioned autism, so we looked it up.  We realized we know nothing about autism except a very narrow stereotype that doesn’t fit most with autism.  Logan matched everything on the two ‘Signs of Autism’ lists, aside from the ‘regression of language’ since he has no language yet. Tuesday I spoke with a friend whose son has autism and, between her and the two lists, we began to realize that there are a lot of seemingly innocent things he does that, when all added together, make him a potential candidate for autism. Things like walking around in circles, preferring one food strongly or exclusively, no language, lack of eye contact, not returning hugs & kisses, not interacting with other children, not copycatting (things like waving).

Several of those things are non-hearing, so they wouldn’t be delayed if he had a hearing loss. Several of them could be delayed based on a hearing loss.

We’ve also learned about sensory disorders, where a person’s brain blocks out or dulls certain senses at different times for various reasons.  We do not know what is going on. It could be hearing loss, it could be autism, it could be a sensory disorder, it could be that he literally is just in his own little world and doesn’t care.  I don’t know.

Wednesday Logan had a hearing test that confirmed his ears are working perfectly, from a mechanical standpoint.  His ears can grab sound.  Tomorrow he has a test to see if his ear is properly sending sound impulses to his brain and, if so, if his brain is receiving those impulses correctly.  If he does have a neurological hearing loss, we will know tomorrow.  If his hearing is perfect, then we will need to explore other reasons why he responds (or doesn’t respond) the way he does.  We have an in-home evaluation with Early Childhood Intervention within the next month that will evaluate him on language, cognitive & motor development, and social interaction.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support.  He’s still the same happy little chilled out boy, none of this week changed that.  We just want to be sure we know if something is different than we thought so we can better parent him and teach him to communicate with the world.  If we do have to learn ASL, for example, we feel that we should start learning now so we’re ready when he’s 2 1/2-3 and wanting to converse.



  1. OH Morgan. I am sorry you are having to go through this. You have an amazing group of friends that really support you and your family. Just to let you know you are not alone. (((((HUGS))))

    • Thanks Chaun. I’m so glad to be getting closer to you. It’s nice to know someone who’s been there before me.

  2. Morgan, I will be remembering you and Caleb in my prayers, for the Lord to guide you in this season of figuring out what’s up with your precious boy! May He give you grace daily, and open the right doors at the right times—and doctors/ professionals with compassion AND wisdom/insight!

    • Thank you SO much. God has always been faithful and I know He is now.

  3. ****hugs****

    The worst part is not knowing, and the waiting… Logan is lucky to have such loving parents. Sending prayers of peace and support your way.

    • Thanks for being there today. 🙂

  4. […] I’m going to cut to the chase for those who are waiting to know how the appointment this morning went: his hearing is perfectly fine.  (For those who aren’t sure what this is all about, see Part 1) […]

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