Posted by: Morgan | July 28, 2011

Working on my dreams…

This weekend I started gearing up for two parenting events I’m planning for this fall.  The first event, scheduled for October 8th on the west side, is the Fort Worth Parenting Extravaganza, and the second is the Dallas Natural Parenting Expo, set for mid-October and designed to hit the east side of the metorplex.  I’m getting very excited about both of these events and the response I’m already seeing from vendors and consumers.

This past spring was the first Extravaganza, which is hosted by Fort Worth Babywearers, and with just word-of-mouth advertising we had 53 vendors and over 200 consumers!  We received amazing feedback from vendors and consumers, which is just adding to my excitement about both events this fall.

Pursuing event management and planning is something I’ve wanted to do for many years, so even just this little taste of what it would be like to do this full time is almost intoxicating.  If I were to ever pick something that could give me energy when I’m exhausted or keep me going beyond any point that I feel I can, this is it.  Depending on the success of these fall events, I’m hoping to start launching other similar events (or not so similar. Major LAN party competitions, anyone?) all over the metroplex.  Just thinking about that makes me giddy, but also realizing that a lot can hinge on this fall for me.  So off I run to keep up with the vendor applications that are literally pouring in and contacting the companies I’m hoping to partner with (don’t want to spill the beans, but they’re pretty great).

If you’re interested in having a booth at either event, head here for the Fort Worth Vendors Page and here for the Dallas Vendors Page. There is a discount for those who participate in both events and spots are filling quickly!




  1. HA! That’s my mom in front of my table with the stroller and the little girl!(: Awesome day that was!

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