Posted by: Morgan | July 27, 2011

Care Labels … a boring but informative post

It’s almost midterms in the world of summer academics and this quarter I’m taking two classes that I absolutely adore: Apparel Construction and Evaluation and Intro to Retail.  The content fits right into my interests, the professor (who is the same for both classes) is great, and I get along with most of my classmates (who are also mostly in both classes with me).  Monday in Apparel we learned about care labels, which was oddly fascinating to me.  Did you know that all manufacturers are required by law to have permanent labels on all clothing in the United States?  And most of the wording you see on labels is also required by law.

Although I separate my clothes from lights to darks, I’ve never paid much attention to the other items on the care label. And though I know this may not be interesting to many, I wanted to share the care label chart we got as a handout in class.  For those of you who are organized and everything, you may want to put it up in your laundry room (in fact, you probably already did coughDenacough).  Since starting this class three weeks ago, I’m finding myself paying much more attention to the care labels and actually following the directions (so many items I would have put in darks really say ‘Wash Warm’, so are now being washed with my “Lights”).

This may be a super boring post, but for those of you who have ever wondered what was on your care label, here you go!


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