Posted by: Morgan | March 9, 2011

Who said homeschooling had to be expensive?

The other day I was in Home Depot to find a hinge for the door that’s been broken off our armoire for over a year. While I was there I stopped by the paint department to look at the swatches. While I’m sure that I was inspired unconsciously by some genius idea that I heard from someone else, I suddenly had the idea to grab a selection of primary color swatches from two different brands. I took them home and sat down with Emma to go over all the colors. Within moments she was matching colors and having a grand time. The best part was this matching-colors learning game was FREE!

Here it is:


The larger squares are Baer, I believe, and the smaller ones are obviously Disney. I’m so excited about this little game and she’s having fun with it every time I pull it out.



  1. That rocks, Morgan. Great idea.

  2. Too Cool!!! I am so glad Sarah Introduced us!!!


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