Posted by: Morgan | December 6, 2010

Daily Update Fail

…Title pretty much sums it up. It’s been a crazy weekend. I actually had to sit for a couple minutes earlier to remember what we did yesterday. My brain needs a reboot, I think.

Just went through all of the stored baby clothes that Emma’s grown out of and widdled 10 boxes down to 2. Feels SO great. Now we have more space, less stuff to move (when we do, because you know we will), and lots and lots to give away or try to sell. Tomorrow is a Swap Party with a mom group of mine, and then it’s off to consignment stores and then Goodwill. Should be good all around, plus I feel very productive for getting through all of that in one evening.

On a completely different note, I think I need to learn how to cut mattes. You know, the kind that go in frames around photos? Custom matting is so expensive, and yet I looove unique shapes and sizing for photos and frames. I wonder what tools I’d need for that. Have to look into it soon.

Do you have any skills that are obscure, yet simple (like matte cutting), that you want to learn? Have you ever gotten through a project that you thought would take longer than it actually did? Doesn’t that just give you a sense of satisfaction?


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