Posted by: Morgan | December 3, 2010

A post a day…

I decided I wanted to write a blog post every day in December. This wonderful idea was thought of yesterday before noon and, as you can see, never truly came to fruition, as no post was written yesterday. So now I have decided to write a blog post every day of December, except for the first day. Ahhh… I’m well on my way to achieving my goal!

Although I have several posts in the works in my ‘Recent Drafts’ section on my blog’s admin page, I felt at quite a loss of what I really wanted to post about today. I have been following quite a few blogs lately, and add new ones to my Google Reader queue weekly. I wonder what it would be like to know you’re writing to thousands of people every time you hit ‘Publish’, instead of the faithful few that I currently have. On one hand, it seems rather glamorous, but on the other I think I would sometimes get stagefright. Not always, but sometimes. One thing I realized, while spending precious thinking time pondering over the concept of a nationally acclaimed blog, is that it really doesn’t matter to me how many people actually read my blog. I honestly write because I really like to. This is one reason why I am going to try to challenge my creative juices by making them work every single day this month.

Some blogs seem to have one topic or area of life that they’ve decided to blog about. One I added last night focuses solely on DIY house projects, but they must being constantly DIYing because the blog is full of amazing stories, photos and ideas. I wondered if I could ever settle on one subject to write about and decided that I very well could not. I have so many interests and like to get my fingers into too many things (and really, I’m too gabby about everything I’m doing) to not want to talk about all of them. And so I decided I would continue as I have been, namely being me in words.

And it was through spending time thinking over these very important things in life (ie blogging and maybe becoming famous by doing so) that I realized what I wanted to write about today. Over this next month I want to introduce to you (my five dear friends who read this) the blogs that I follow. The first is written by a spunky, absolutely adorable Jersey-girl turned Southern-girl, Katie Bower. Bower Power is a peek into the world of Katie, her boyfriend (who happens to also be her husband), and their precious little Will. She decorates a home so that you’d think it was out of Domino magazine, and then writes a post about how she finds most of her amazing items at Goodwill. She goes on and on about her amateur photography skills, and then posts photo after gorgeous photo. Talk about being inspired by one person; this girl has been pushing at the narrowed confines of my tired-from-pregnancy-and-mommyhood creative brain and challenging me to give photography (again) and decorating on a budget (for the first) a chance. Plus she’s super funny, apologizes every time she uses the word ‘crap’, and she has an intriguing obsession with bacon. I find that I avoid reading any of the comments under each post (and there are thousands sometimes), because I really don’t want to know that I’m just one of thousands. I want to imagine that she wrote the post as an email to me, her super great friend who is planning on going to lunch with her this next Saturday (somewhere kid friendly and super cute). I may have to get over that avoiding the comments thing, though, and start seeing what other people may be out that may end up completely inspiring me as well.

So, since you five are my dearest friends, I definitely want to share with you. Go introduce yourself to Katie, because I think she’s a nice friend to have. Also, in case you haven’t, introduce yourself to Google Reader. I love being able to go to one webpage and see all the blogs I follow and the posts that have been written since I was there last. It works great (for everyone except you, Sarah. Seriously, I think your computer is just stupid. FB tagging and Google Reader… Somethings up). And that’s all I have to say on this second (uh, first?) day of my month-long blogging goal.



  1. ha! you’re funny!
    I will have to check her out – right now a smelly diaper from Karis is overpowering my ability to enjoy much of anything.
    I also am not entirely sold on google reader but probably for 2 reasons: 1) it doesn’t allow me to really see the webpage in it’s beauty (and I love looking at the way people “decorate” their blog space) although maybe that’s in part because of the computer problems I have with it and 2) I have my favorite blogs linked on my blog page with most-recent updates… I forget what that’s called but anyway, I have used that for a long time to see what is updated, and then I am able to just head over that way, which solves problem number 1. I don’t love reading a window inside a window, basically, I like having the full screen of the page. If that makes sense…

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