Posted by: Morgan | November 23, 2010

Walnuts and rice

Photo by skyler817 on Flickr

At the church I grew up in there was a cute little gift that was repeatedly given in the women’s ministry that was composed solely of walnuts, rice and a glass mason jar. The walnuts and rice were inside the lidded mason jar, with a cute little note attached that had some little poem that told the story of walnuts and rice. I can’t remember the particulars (love you, mom), but it conveyed that if you tried to pour the rice into the jar first, the walnuts wouldn’t fit. Alternatively, if you put the walnuts in first, then the rice easily pours around them and everything fits in the jar. The idea was that the mason jar represented our individual lives, walnuts represented God, the rice was everything else in life.

Photo by funadium on Flickr

Lately I’ve really been seeing the truth in this little handmade example of getting priorities straight. It comes to mind on mornings when I feel like there is no order to be found anywhere in my life, when I realize that I haven’t spent any time with God yet. Honestly, some days I foolishly leave it there, and keep trying to pull the chaos back all on my own. More and more, though, I’m trying to stop and walk myself over to my Bible and spend even five to ten minutes reading and talking with my Lord. This is definitely a developing aspect of my life but, happily for me, it’s becoming easier to remember to put the walnuts in my  jar before the rice.



  1. This is so true. It’s amazing to me the difference in my day when, sometime in the morning especially, I make sure to sit for even just 10 minutes with my Bible, my devotional (if you want a recommendation for a quick but beautiful morning or evening devotional, Charles Spurgeon’s Morning by Morning and Evening by Evening collections have fed my soul for over a year now) and my journal for jotting down prayers. The journal is one my favorites – it’s so flexible, some days it’s just one-line prayer requests when a lot is flooding my mind, others it’s a place to push myself to be thankful, others it’s a reflection on something I read in the Word or have been pondering through my day… it’s my own little very-private world between the Lord and I.
    I don’t do all three of those every day, but when I do at least ONE, I notice such a huge difference in my heart as I serve my children, husband, and most importantly, my Savior. It’s amazing the blessings I see when I have been quiet with him.
    Naps are best for this for me because I really focus, but I have even gotten up earlier than Lyddie to ensure that I get this time. If only I were always so diligent as that! haha
    I know of one lady who kept an open Bible in every room so that even if she was busy with her kids, she could always spare one minute to read through a few verses and meditate on them during diaper changes, making lunch, etc. I have thought about doing that, but instead I often pick a chapter to try and memorize and keep verses with me on a notecard so I can meditate and memorize through my daily work. This has also been a huge and practical blessing to to me, since it keeps me meditating on his word DAY and night, not just before bed or in the morning, but it’s always going through my mind.

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