Posted by: Morgan | November 22, 2010


Sometimes I really need to hear from God directly. Sometimes I don’t even know that I’m waiting for some sort of contact from Him, something tangible instigated by Him to show me His love, so when it happens I’m taken by surprise. Wonderful, often tear-stained surprise.

A couple days ago (or maybe that was just yesterday) a friend commented on Facebook that she was planning on updating her blog with some notes about the Holy Spirit. I have her blog in my Google Reader feed and always love reading her updates, but I was especially excited to read this one, though I didn’t have any specific reason to be. And so today, when she posted on Facebook that she had written her update, I immediately clicked over to Reader and pulled up the post. I was smiling when I began reading it and crying when I finished.

It wasn’t very long or even theologically difficult. But it was poignant, real, and resonated within my heart. I’m not sure what God said to me through it. In fact, I’m not quite sure He did say anything at all. But He held me close, rocking me against His bosom, brushing my hair gently with His hands.  As I was sitting, rereading the last paragraph of the post, Emma came up to me. She pointed to a single tear that was slowly making its way down my cheek. “Cwying. Mommy. Happy.” I wiped away the tear and we laughed together at nothing at all.

It’s so wonderful to be loved and cherished by God and my baby girl. Mommy is happy.


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