Posted by: Morgan | October 20, 2010

inspiration n. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level

Although I can’t say I always know what or who I want to become, occasionally someone or something comes across my path and suddenly I realize that I absolutely want whatever it was that caught my eye in my own life. For some time, there have been certain women who I always enjoy having in my life because of the little glimpses into an aspect of their personality I wish I had more of. In sort, they inspire me. Who are these ladies and what about them grabs my attention? This is in no way a comprehensive list, but rather the ones who have been on my mind lately as I try to determine who I want to be when I grow up.

I began this post writing out paragraphs about each woman, when I realized that’s not how I wanted to do this. So, instead, a collection of photos, in no particular order, of what inspires me.


How super cute is the decorating in this room? SO SUPER CUTE, that’s how much. I love how my friend Britney makes her house become a home, not just a space they live in. I know that they live on a budget, and yet she is able to create joy in her daughter’s room just from the surroundings. I want to be able to use creativity to make my home a happy place for my children, regardless of my budget or what I have to work with.

Not to beĀ redundant, but here is Britney’s living room. It feels like a home and somewhere where living occurs. It makes me want to get some shelves. It’s simple, earthy, and completely welcoming. Though you can’t tell from this photo, their home embraces a very international feeling. I love the earthy colors that a feeling like that brings.

Becca inspires my creativity. She teaches herself to sew…and to sew whatever it is that she wants to sew. I do that occasionally, but she does it so much better. She saw this bag online and decided to create it, without buying the pattern, because she’s just that awesome (she says it’s because patterns mess her up… I stick with the awesome comment). Look how great it is! I love sewing and I want to be better. She inspires me often on her blog to be creative and express it through fabric and thread.

Speaking of creating things, I am led into my kitchen, where I am not pursuing anything currently, but am so inspired to do so and so soon… My friend Sarah is the queen of her kitchen. She plans menus, shops locally for produce (which she, then, plans her menus off of), makes all their meals from scratch, cans her own peaches, makes jam, and has a generally super cute kitchen to boot. Food is my next conquest in my life, and I seriously am excited about it because of this little kitchen.

And because of this little kitchen, which belongs to aforementioned Britney. She made these crackers from scratch (and says they’re the best she’s ever had). She borrows recipe books from the library (I don’t even own a recipe book…wait, they’re called cook books. Wow. See? I don’t even know!) and makes food with her 2 year old daughter. I want to do that! I want to show Emma a love for food and cooking that I don’t have but I want… starting with crackers.

And here is that little kitchen, complete with Britney cooking away. This leads me to the next way that Britney inspires me, and that is in personal style. I have never seen a photo when she didn’t look fresh faced, with her hair cared for. It may be that she is just smarter than me and doesn’t post the ‘sweat-pants-and-husband’s-tshirt-with-unbrushed-hair-pulled-into-a-crazy-ponytail’ pictures, but she posts a lot of pictures and none of them are even close to that. Even here, with her hair pulled back quickly, it still looks cute. And her personal clothing style is very earthy and sweet, with a slight vintage vibe. I love her clothes and how they all are congruent with that feeling.

See how cute her clothes are? Vintage-y and earthy. LOVE them. I want a personal style and maybe I’ll borrow hers. Another thing I love is her relationship and parenting-perspective with her daughter, Annika. She’s always talking about showing the world to and exploring it with Annika, and that inspires me to do that with Emma. I often actually feel that I’m not doing enough with Emma when I see Britney and Annika’s relationship. Not that I feel like a bad mom, but that Emma and my relationship has so much more potential that I’m wasting by not stepping up to that potential. Plus she has the ability to find meadows EVERYwhere.

And, though I’m in danger of making everyone in the world want to be friends with her, I have one more photo about Britney. Not only is her daughter clothed in most of the photos I see of her (as opposed to my often diaper-clad baby girl), but she follows her earthy, sweet, vintage-inspired style with her daughter’s clothes. How CUTE is that hat?

Speaking of style, I must move to hairstyle. I love my hair and must say it makes the biggest statement to me about my own style. Alexa is a new friend of mine, and the first thing I noticed was her hair. Short, flippy, cute and ohsovibrantly red (and most of you know how I die for vibrant red hair). I would never have thought this woman was a mommy of four. The comment she posted on this photo was that she didn’t want “mommy hair”… I’m often feeling a case of ‘mommy hair’ and she inspires me to not just be a mommy but to step out and be a woman with awesome hair who IS a mommy.

Speaking of hair, my friend Ashley sure knows how to keep curly hair cute. If I had curly hair, I’d wear headbands ALL the time. I love Ashley’s personal style so much. It’s very eclectic, international and earthy (I’m thinking I like earthy). She always is cute and put together, and I love her use of accessories. I don’t have a photo of her home, but it follows the same feeling. It’s so earthy, homey and comfortable. The colors are rich and everything is eclectic and yet feels like it should all be together.

Besides, how cute of a way is this to wear a veil?

Apparently, I feel the need for inspiration in personal style, as I talked about it alot. But, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to be more of a researcher in life, and that’s where Dena inspires me. If she looks into something, she really looks into it. And she has the amazing ability to retain all the information on whatever subject that is. I put this picture in for two reasons: firstly, it shows the highchair with a 5-point harness that she picked out based on it’s reviews, testing and ratings. Secondly, it features her super cute son, who I’ve decided Emma is going to marry when they are older.


There are many other people (men and women) who inspire me, but these are the ones who have been on my mind lately. Hopefully this post helps you think about the people who inspire you. Hopefully this post helps me start acting on the inspiration that all of these women have put into my life.


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