Posted by: Morgan | October 17, 2010

Universal Truth

Because I don’t want to forget this, I’m writing down a story that made it into one of my Facebook statuses this week. For ease of reading, it must be understood that we have a “family room”, which means Emma has her own bed space but it’s in our master bedroom, and we bedshare with Logan. On typical nights, I do the majority of care for Logan and Caleb gets up to settle Emma if she ever needs it (he also helps me with Logan a LOT, which I have to totally give him credit for).

A few nights ago I was woken by Logan fussing about a wet diaper. I sat up in bed and began to change his diaper, something that I can normally do without him crying. This time he was not going to have any of it and began screaming almost immediately. I heard Emma start to stir in her bed, so I nudged Caleb. “Go help Emma”. He didn’t move. I nudged him again, “Hey, please go help Emma”. She had started to lightly fuss.

He laid there a moment and then carefully got out of bed. He often sleeps with a pillow in or under his arms, and I noticed he was holding one of her blankets. He sat down beside her bed and just looked at her. By this time both kids are crying quite loudly. I normally try to make sure Emma can’t hear me, so she’ll let Caleb soothe her back to sleep, but he wasn’t doing anything so I raised my voice from a whisper “Caleb! Please. Hold. Emma.”  I heard an audible gruff sigh and he turned back toward our bed. I sat there watching, wondering why he wouldn’t just help her, as he pulled the boppy from the center of the bed toward him and began to very gently lay the blanket in his arms down. I suddenly realized he thought he had a baby, so I did the most logical thing at 3am in that situation. I grabbed the blanket and threw it up into his face. “I have Logan! Please help Emma!”

The look on his face was the most confused look I’ve ever seen in my life. He blinked. “Wow, I have no idea what’s going on right now” and then he went to calm Emma down. The next morning he asked me if I remembered the blanket incident from the night before. I explained what had happened from my side and asked how it had seemed to him. He said he had thought he was holding Logan the entire time, and was slightly frustrated with me that I would ask him to help with Emma when he was already helping with Logan. Right before I threw the blanket in his face, he realized Logan was laying in front of me screaming. Suddenly he wondered when we had gotten three children, and whether he had Logan or I did, and who in the world was this other baby!?

Ah, sleep deprivation will make you crazy. That is a universal truth.



  1. Too funny!

    • 🙂 – By the way, I’m from Seattle. I’ll be reading your blog! Babies AND Seattle! Perfect!

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