Posted by: Morgan | October 8, 2010

Impact through passion

Occasionally I wonder if I truly am impacting others and, even more importantly, if that impact is positive. In a recent start to some self-inventory and goal setting for Caleb and myself, I have been examining things I want to see in myself and then finding those things is people I know. The idea is to attempt to identify aspects of said people that lead to the attributes I would like to have, and then decide if those are truly things I can, and want to, incorporate into my life.

Since moving here I have been slowly getting involved in the natural parenting community of DFW. It came very easily, since we were interviewing midwives for Logan’s birth, and one group just seemed to lead to another. Over the past couple months I have connected with breastfeeding support groups, natural and home birthing mamas, a great babywearing playgroup, doulas, midwives and their apprentices, birth educators, families who eat organic and locally grown foods, among many others. Sometimes people in one area are aware of the other groups, but DFW is a large area and oftentimes I find that the groups of people I’ve met do not happen to know all the others. With one very specific exception: DFW’s first birth photographer, Lynsey Stone.

I first heard of Lynsey from the first midwife we interviewed here in Fort Worth. I was given her brochure and immediately fell in love with her work. I figured we wouldn’t be able to afford to have her at Logan’s birth, but oh how I wanted to have these sorts of images captured of that time. The second midwife we interviewed was the one who told us about the TV show ‘Labor of Love’, and in the process of talking about cameras at the birth, I mentioned the brochure. She immediately knew who I was talking about, and couldn’t stop saying wonderful things about Lynsey’s work. On to the third midwife, who we ended up working with, who also was very aware of Lynsey’s work, and immediately wanted to show us the slideshow of her grandson’s birth that Lynsey had done.

No one could stop praising her work and her way of being around the birth, which made me even more intent on having her attend. I finally called her and we were able to arrange for her to be at Logan’s birth. She came by to make sure she knew how to get to the house and meet with me a few weeks before my due date. She was quiet and sweet. Shortly thereafter, we found each other on Facebook, where I also learned that she is exceptionally hilarious and an amazing photographer outside of the birthing room. Over the next month, whenever I spoke to anyone associated with natural parenting or birth in general in this area, they always knew of Lynsey.

Although it has become slightly amazing to me at how many people I have met that know her, it is not the exceptional range of people that know her that stands out to me. The thing about this very large network of people that shines the brightest is that everyone, without exception, has been extremely positively impacted by Lynsey. I don’t receive a casual ‘Oh, yes, I know her’, but rather see the person’s face light up and exclaim ‘Oh, Lynsey! I love her! She’s amazing!’. Over and over I hear small tidbits about things she’s done for people, ways she’s the best friend, how she continually impacts entire groups in wonderful ways. To be honest, it makes me jealous that I don’t know her better.

I also realize that I am sure she has never woken up thinking ‘Today I want to make people just adore me. Lots and lots of people. I’d better network more!’. Maybe she has, but I’m sure many of her closer friends would agree that it’s highly unlikely. Instead I see a happy mama of four who lives a life of natural parenting, thus her connections with babywearing and midwives, who has a passion that she has invested herself into and poured her heart into, namely birth photography.

What I decide I can learn from even just knowing those that know her, is that to impact people I really don’t need to go out into my day with that as my focus. Ultimately my focus needs to be on Christ, but then I just need to completely invest myself into the things that I do, allowing Him to impact those I come into contact while doing the things I do. And that’s exciting to me. 🙂

For those interested, you can visit Lynsey’s photography site here. Her post about Logan’s birth is here.

*EDIT* Lynsey had no idea I was writing a post about her and this was already in the works when the ‘ownership’ issue came up on Facebook yesterday (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it). This wasn’t written in response to that, but actually before it, completely in response to how I’ve been effected by her.


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