Posted by: Morgan | May 10, 2010

My husband, the Graduate

Yesterday my husband wore the funny hat and received his Bachelor’s of Science. Eight years after he started, a change in majors his “first” senior year, 2 1/2 years away from the school, a marriage, a baby, Fort Worth, California, Iowa, and a school year of commuting an hour one way, he’s done. It’s completely surreal and amazing that we’re finally here.

I met Caleb online in March of 2002, a mere six months before he began his freshman year at LeTourneau University. Basically as long as I’ve known him, he’s been working on his Bachelor’s. We met in “real life” 1 1/2 years later, in October of 2003, on campus at LeTourneau. I remember that night so vividly, parking in the lot beside his dorm and watching as he walked his nervous-bouncy walk towards me. Although I knew his height from him telling me via email, he was much shorter than I had imagined. I was unsure of how to handle his nerdy mannerisms which, I know now, were mainly brought out by how nervous he was to meet me. Although I had been crushing in a major way over the emails and phone conversations, I would never have believed that weekend that I would end up marrying that boy.

There have been times I honestly did not believe he would ever get to the end of this degree; sometimes I felt that just because it seemed so far out of my present, and sometimes because I really didn’t know if he’d go back and do it. For as much as he hated the busywork that came along with college courses, there were times when both of us considered ignoring society’s need for higher education and making a life for ourselves without it. Through the times we were away from the school, he did extremely well at finding successful jobs that had high potential to turn into solid careers if he had chosen to stay with them. Sometimes the stress I knew going back would put onto him did not seem worth the outcome.

God has been so faithful to us concerning this degree, allowing us to leave the school when we became very disenchanted with the administration, giving us time to heal, and bringing us back when changes had occurred that allowed Caleb complete resolution to his frustrations from the past. He is now very proud to have his degree from LeTourneau and would be eager to recommend others to attend. In the past year, culminating with his graduation ceremony, he’s been feeling a desire to return at some time in the future to teach new students and instill in them the excitement about the sciences that he has.

I do not know if I can convey the depth of my pride in my husband. Not only has he attempted to follow God to the best of his ability, whether it made sense to anyone else or to the world’s view of what is normal, but he returned to something that he honestly wished to avoid (schoolwork, specifically) because God told him to. I’m so thankful for the entire journey that we have had with LeTourneau, because I know God has used it to shape us immensely into the people we are now. And really, who we will become, as I don’t believe LeTourneau is out of our lives in the least.

I’m just really happy, and very proud, to be Mrs Caleb Mayes. I love you honey. Good job 🙂


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