Posted by: Morgan | December 18, 2009

A gift from me…for me

As my gift to myself this year, I’ve decided to finish all of my already-started-but-not-yet-finished projects before New Year’s Eve. Today I am working on finishing up a crochet blanket for Emma I started when I was five months pregnant. I am really tired of crocheting, but I am finishing it as a work of sacrificial love. I can’t wait to see the look on my face when I give it to me! ….

Also on my list to be finished:

A baby quilt for a friend, fixing my dining room drapes, my post on breastfeeding, my post on Pitocin, sewing the rest of Emma’s cloth diapers, hanging picture frames in the parlor, another sewing project I know I have but can not remember at this moment, and going through the huge pile of papers I’ve been collecting lazily for the past couple months.

Hopefully I’m worth all that work. …  😛



  1. good for you! I love the feeling when i finish a project that has been hanging over my head for awhile! good luck!

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