Posted by: Morgan | November 29, 2009

Jesus was exhausted too…

Today our pastor was going through the miracle of the woman with the 12 years of bleeding, in his series Miracles & Parables. He got to the place where Jesus felt power leave him, pointing that ministry does drain a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Of course, this could be followed by stating that this is why people must stay supported so that they don’t burn out while ministering to others, but Pastor David made a different jump.

He commented merely that Jesus was exhausted. “How else do you think He was able to sleep in a storm on a boat at sea?”

I almost cried. Jesus was exhausted. In the church, it is said often that Jesus has gone through every struggle we have, in regards to temptation, humanity, etc. Through the past few months of sleeplessness, I hadn’t even considered that Jesus had experienced what I was going through and could empathize. I don’t even think I could fall asleep on a boat in a storm, so He was probably even more tired than I am.

I am so thankful that I can go to Him with my sleeplessness and know He understands how I feel. Thank you for being human, God, and knowing not only my struggle with sin, but my struggle with something as simple as sleep.



  1. Morgan, I thought this was beautiful. Simply put. Thanks for the reminder that Jesus knows every emotion and situation we have been in because He’s been there already. Knowing that (hopefully) makes going through our troubles a little easier and peaceful.


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