Posted by: Morgan | November 25, 2009

Replaced by Avocado

My little girl is growing up and I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Yesterday I did the photography for a friend’s wedding in Dallas. The plan was for Caleb to take care of Emma unless she desperately needed me at any point, and he brought along my sister (whom Emma loves and adores) to help him in this endeavor. I expected to take a few breaks throughout the day to hold and nurse her when she needed me. What I didn’t plan on was her not needing me.

Caleb dropped me off around 11am at the Crescent Hotel in Dallas. My bride was there with her girlfriends and parents, getting ready and enjoying her morning. All I heard from Caleb the entire morning was that all three of them were fine and, later that afternoon, that they were heading to the ceremony site to await us. I arrived with the bride almost exactly when the ceremony started, so there was no time to see Emma. Caleb kept her out of my line of sight while I shot the ceremony, some formals, and a bit of the reception. It wasn’t until 4pm that I finally took a break to hold her, and this was by the prompting of me, not her.

She was so happy to see me and nursed enthusiastically, but she had been fine, and continued to be completely alright for the remainder of the evening while I finished shooting the wedding. Apparently she didn’t nap at all, but that was more than likely from the excitement of all the new places and people, instead of from a lack of mommy. Around 7pm we piled in the car to drive to Caleb’s parent’s house for a sit down break before our 2 1/2 hour drive home. She insisted I sit in the back with her, and I leaned over to her carseat to snuggle her while she finally fell asleep.

She’s been eating real food for over 1 1/2 months now, and regular meals for over a week (if you call eating 1/2 an avocado a meal. She’s extremely picky). It’s a strange feeling to not be the only, or primary, source of nourishment for her, but it is nice to be able to have her at the table with me while I eat too. Caleb and I both hold to the definition of parenting as “Slowly helping a child become an adult that can leave and live on their own”, so I’m not sad that she’s growing up. It’s just a strange new world that I’m learning about right now; learning that my baby girl can get by without me for a full day and that I have been replaced three times a day by avocado. I’m still mommy, though, and she still lights up when she sees me. That, I hope, is never going to change.



  1. did you pump during the wedding day? did caleb give her bottles of mama milk that day? jw how that all worked out.

    • I did not pump during, something that lower production for a day or two. We did have some from an earlier pumping and a bottle, but she drank water with him and never used it.

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