Posted by: Morgan | October 24, 2009

Quest: Finding Strawberry Hibiscus Tea

As a rule, I am not a tea drinker. While I was growing up there was always chamomile “Sleepy Time” tea in the house, which my mother convinced us, along with warm milk, would help us get to sleep when we had insomnia. I don’t remember if it ever helped us sleep, but I do remember wondering why I was sitting there drinking slightly yellow hot water, with a taste reminiscent of grass. After trying mint medleys and an orange spice concoction, I decided it was a waste of my time and taste buds to drink tea and from then on drank hot water if I had a sore throat.

Even so, drinking tea on an overcast day while reading a good book seems so utterly romantic and wonderful to me. Up until I think of the taste, and then the picture is ruined and I move on to my faithful hot chocolate. Occasionally, though, I do try tea again if a new version comes up. Starbucks Chai tempted me once, but the odd juxtaposition of spice and burnt tastebuds pushed me away (looking back, I think I may enjoy homemade chai. I may have to try that).  Amongst all of this tea trying disappointment, one small hot drink floats to the top. Green Strawberry-Hibiscus from Maudee’s Tea Room in Dallas.


A couple years back my husband’s cousin got married. We were unable to attend the wedding, but I was fortunate enough to be around for the bridal outing with cousins and aunts to Maudee’s Tea Room. From what I remember, it was a quaint little shop, much deeper than it was wide, with deep colors and fun trinkets. We all were served several types of sandwiches and biscuits in rounds with several different types of teas. They brought by two or three teas at a time, replacing them with new flavors, unless one of us requested more of a favorite. I tried to be adventurous, but ended up sticking with a mint type drink for most of the time we spent there. Halfway through they brought out a little pink teapot and I decided to jump out with an aunt and try the ‘Strawberry Hibiscus’ tea.

It was like warm wonderfulness in my mouth. I don’t take any liquids with extras, like cream, sugar, or lemon, so I left those to the side with this rich pink drink. Most teas seem watery and thin to me, but this was thick and smooth. The taste was full and robust, yet still sweet.

I drank five cups of it. Maybe more.

Since then I have looked for Strawberry Hibiscus tea everywhere I go that sells tea, as well as scouring the internet for some. I have yet to find any. Maudee’s must make their own mixture, in which case I may have to revisit and beg for some of my own. Maybe a hint to the recipe.

Someday I will find, make, or steal myself some more Strawberry Hibiscus tea. Hopefully it will be an overcast day. I will have to find a good book immediately and then I shall relax into the gloriousness that is the most amazing hot drink ever created.



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